The Top 5 Best Bowling Glove Reviews

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Best Bowling Glove Reviews

For a seemingly simple game like bowling, it’s also a sport that seems to require you to get a lot of accessories. If you’re new to the game, plenty of experienced bowlers will tell you to get yourself a cheap bowling glove at the very least. The best bowling gloves will probably cost more, but they do help you out.

A quick check at the available bowling gloves online will show you that you have lots of options, and picking one among them may be difficult. To make it easier for you, here are our bowling glove reviews for some of the best in the industry.

# Best Bowling Glove Comparison Chart

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# Top 5 Best Bowling Glove Reviews

1. Ebonite React Bowling Glove

This comes in 5 sizes from small to XL, and it offers both right and left-handed versions. So you should get a glove that perfectly fits your bowling hand.

What this does is to give you enhanced control over your hand while you complete your swing. This is done with a special gripping compound on the glove that boosts your control for the bowling ball. It adds to the lift, and it improves the hook when you rotate the ball as you swing.

The material for the fingers and palm is leather. The glove leaves your thumb open, as well as the 2 middle fingers that fit in the bowling ball. The 2 fingers protected are covered almost to the first knuckle, so your fingertips are still in contact with the bowling ball.

The padding on the glove also prevents injuries. It keeps you protected from painful calluses that may result from playing the game due to the friction generated by your swing.

For greater comfort, the wristband is elastic, and it has a hook and loop closure to secure the glove in place.

Why We Recommend It

  • Enhances the grip. The leather provides more excellent grip along with durability.
  • Improves ball control. This is mainly due to the special gripping compound used.
  • Protects hand from calluses. The leather and the padding minimize the friction that results in calluses.
  • Feels comfy. The leather fits well, and the elastic wristband keeps it in place nicely.
  • Can be used for driving, or for just handling a walking cane. It’s a very versatile design especially for older people with a failing grip.

Other Considerations

  • Reports vary regarding durability. Some people report that it may not last all that long, especially with frequent use.

2. Brunswick Deluxe Bowling Glove

This is available in 3 sizes (small, medium, XL) and it may only come in a right-handed version. This design leaves your 2 middle fingers mostly uncovered as well as your thumb, while it covers the forefinger and the little finger.

It’s very well made, and its quality and features are all surprisingly good considering its very modest price. So it’s not surprising that reviews from customers are virtually unanimous in their praise.

Why We Recommend It

  • Improves grip on the ball. The most notable feature on this is how tacky this is, which considerably enhances your grip on the bowling ball. The non-slip grip on the palm is especially nice. You’re able to control the ball to go where you want it to go, while you’re also able to rotate it more for the hook you need for strikes.
  • Very comfy on the hand. This is secured on your hand with a Velcro enclosure to fit your wrist properly. This is quite comfortable to wear, and this is an important factor for bowling gloves. Uncomfortable gloves are very distracting, and they can lower your concentration as you make your swing. This will feel nice and unobtrusive, so your mind can focus on the mechanics of your throw instead of thinking about any discomfort on your part.
  • Affordable. The price is quite low compared to other gloves that are just as good.
  • Can last for a while. Its quality and durability are also terrific, and it feels like it will last for a good long while despite its low price. Even those who wear it with their wedding rings have made no complaints as to how it fits them well enough.

Other Considerations

  • No left-handed version. But this may be available on a different product site with some diligent searching online.
  • Few size options. More size options would have been nice.

3. Brunswick Grip it All Glove

Isn’t it annoying how some bowling gloves are too small, even when you get the largest XL version? This solves that problem by also offering the glove in a larger XXL version. So if you have large hands, then this one can fit more comfortably. This particular model only comes in the right-handed version, so you may need to do more online digging to get the left-handed option.

The design protects your hands and fingers, with full covering for the forefinger and little finger. Your thumb is left free, and your 2 middle fingers are only covered halfway. This design is commonly used to let you have the utmost feel for the bowling ball with your fingers.

At the same time, the coverings for the glove enhance your grip. This is especially true for the palm side, which has a textured surface to help you grip the bowling ball more securely. The design of the glove also protects your fingers.

The enhanced grip also boosts your control over the bowling ball. This, in turn, allows you to put more of a spin on the bowling ball while you also increase its roll speed at the end of the throw. This can help you make more strikes to improve your score, and at the end of it all isn’t that the point of the game?

The fit is nice and comfy, and it won’t distract you from your swing. It feels lightweight as well. The look is quite cool and nice too, so it also works as a fashion accessory.

The palm side of the glove may act like then gloves for football wide receivers. The textured surface has a mesh pattern to help boost the tackiness and the grip.

The excellent features do come at a slightly higher price, especially if you opt for the XXL option. Still, it’s only a matter of a few dollars more, and the quality you get here is worth the extra expense.

Why We Recommend It

  • Nice looking. Plenty of people say that they get a lot of complimentary comments about the look of this glove.
  • Has XXL option. You can no longer say your hands are too big for bowling gloves.
  • Very comfy. It feels light and nice on your hands.
  • Increases grip. The textured surface provides extra tackiness that can make the bowling ball stick to your hands until your release.

Other Considerations

  • Somewhat more expensive. The excellent features come with a greater cost.
  • The grip may disappear. If you play on an oily bowling lane, the oil may transfer from the ball to glove. This can diminish the tackiness and grip over time.

4. Columbia ProWrist Glove Blue Right

The Columbia ProWrist is the most expensive item on this list, with a price point that goes almost 3 times what you pay for the most affordable gloves. This is due to how you have 5 size options to choose from, which includes a large, XL, and even an XXL version. It’s only for right-handed people though, so you better look around to see if you can find an alternative if you’re left-handed.

It uses comfy and durable 2-way spandex for the finger gussets, to protect your hand and provide extra tack for increased grip. Both the finger and the palm surfaces have been tackified to make sure your hand doesn’t slip while you’re holding the bowling ball.

This glove also incorporates genuine leather for support and durability. On the wrist, you have metal support to brace your wrist properly to prevent injuries and to help develop proper swing mechanics. The elastic wrist cuff here lets you get the most suitable fit, while it also offers extra support for your wrist.

This even looks good, but its aesthetics are simply not the point. The point is that all these features leave you feeling comfortable while wearing it. At the same time, it helps you to learn the proper mechanics and habits you need to develop for consistently good throws.

Why We Recommend It

  • Fantastic wrist support. The wrist support is incredible, and it can help prevent injuries as well. It’s not as flexible, and that’s actually a good thing. It keeps your hand from motions that don’t help and can cause injuries. It limits your hand to work solely on proper technique instead.
  • Can help you develop better mechanics. These improved mechanics let you get better scores and also prevents injuries. The design that lets you control the ball better also keeps your hands at the proper position.
  • Comfy to wear. It simply feels nice on your hand, as if it belongs there.
  • Has XXL option. Again, you can get them at a proper size even when you have bigger hands.

Other Considerations

  • A bit pricier. Its quality and features do justify the extra cost.
  • May lead to sweaty palms in warmer areas. The material that gives you the support you need is substantial, so if you’re somewhere warm and humid your hand may get a bit sweaty inside.
  • Harder to remove. One option to deal with the sweaty hands is to just take it off in between frames, but then these supports also keep you from removing the glove easily.

5. Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove

This is also the best-rated bowling glove with wrist support bringing together a combination of style, comfort, and durability. It has a padded metal backhand support that helps maintain your wrist in position while you release the ball. An additional benefit being it keeps your hand in the right place thereby increasing the accuracy of your shots. A special extra gripping compound helps enhance contact with the ball and gives you additional control. The stickiness helps your game improve immensely — this bowling glove built with top-grade, supple leather to ensure its sustainability for a long duration.

The finger gussets and glove are made of wavy spandex fabric allowing the glove to stretch and fit comfortably. The bowling wrist lines with leather contributing to its durability and strength. What is more important to you, your hand or the game? Hope you said the hand.

The Ebonite wrist brace boasts of a 3 ½ elastic hook and loop closure. This enables support and protection of the tendons in your wrist. Although a tad expensive the glove is a favorite for pro bowlers. It’s is available in all sizes. The leather makes the wrist support looks extra stylish and the support it offers to the wrist allows for accurate ball throwing.

Why We Recommend It

  • The construction is sturdy enough to protect your wrist and fingers.
  • It’s built for a comfortable stretch, grip and fits exceptionally well.
  • The steel at the back provides rigidity and keep your hands in the proper position. It offers a great deal of support.
  • The leather material and spandex ensure the longevity of the glove.

Other Considerations

  • This glove lacks ventilation and you might need to take it off if your hand gets a little warm.
  • The price may be way out of range for some people.

# Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Bowling Glove

The right type of bowling gloves depends specifically on your needs and preferences. If you wish to play even when you have certain medical problems, as there are bowling gloves for arthritis, some bowling gloves with wrist support can help prevent injuries in the first place.

Other gloves may act as a rigid brace to train your hand to develop the proper motions for the game. Some gloves may offer a better grip, or some padding to make you feel more comfortable. It all depends on what you want to improve.

Here are other factors that you need to consider:


With or without the thumb protection? It’s up to you, as there are both good and bad points to each choice. You can get thumb protection, but a perfect bowling glove with thumb protection will cost more and may lack ventilation.


Both leather and nylon are common materials for bowling gloves. Nylon offers a lot of flexibility, but you get more durability with leather. A material like neoprene may cost more, but it’s sturdy and durable too. You may also go for a glove with plastic or metal inserts to help correct your hand positions when you launch the bowling ball.


Obviously, it should fit well, and it must be fitted to your bowling hand. Breathability is also an important factor, as sweating inside the glove can distract you while playing. It’s also better if your glove is more comfortable to take off, especially if it causes your hand to sweat and you wish to take off the glove when it’s not your turn.


Protective padding on your bowling glove can protect your hand from injuries due to friction. A bowling glove with palm pad can feel more comfortable and prevent calluses as well.


Some gloves are designed to improve the quality of your grip. You surely want to hang on to the bowling ball until you decide to release it. A weak grip can lead to many types of bowling accidents, including dropping the heavy ball on your foot. A good grip also lets you improve your ability to rotate the ball, so you can have a more effective hook to get the strikes you want.


Some gloves may use Velcro and other types of fabric that may wear out quickly. But other materials like aluminum are more resistant to wear and tear. While it’s not really realistic to expect a bowling glove to last for many years, it would be nice if you don’t have to buy new gloves every few months.

Release mode

You may get a glove that provides the kind of release you want. If you’re rolling for a strike, then you may want a glove that lets your thumb to exit ahead of your other fingers. This leads to a rotation of the ball that causes a hook that makes strikes more likely. But some gloves let your thumbs and other fingers release at the same time for a longer skidding motion and a straighter path to pick up spares.

While you can read product descriptions to obtain the information you want, you should read customer reviews as well to find out facts about the durability of the product, the comfort that users feel, and how the seller’s customer support work.

# Conclusion

Watch the bowling pros play on cable TV, and you’ll notice how many of them wear bowling gloves for competitions. They’re that important, and even those who no longer wear them probably wore them while they learned the game.

The best bowling glove you can buy will both improve your mechanics while it prevents your hand from getting hurt. Just make sure it fits your hand comfortably. Buy one now if you’re even somewhat serious about the game. The benefits you get are worth the few dollars you spend on a terrific bowling glove.

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