Best New Bowling Balls|Releases in 2024

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Best New Bowling Balls

We’re living in a world where people work hard so they can play hard, and for so many people, bowling is a thing to work hard for. However, that doesn’t mean it costs thousands of dollars to get into a fun and timeless sport.

In this article, you will find all that you need to help you get into the game or improve your game with the best new bowling balls of 2020 which we have listed here! From A-Z we’ve made sure to acknowledge all the game-changers and give you a good idea of what’s out there this year. Whether you like an asymmetrical core, a heavy oil, mid-low performance, we got them all right here to get you ready for an awesome new season of bowling glory.

Table of Best New Bowling Balls

1. New Storm Bowling Balls

Storm has a wide selection of bowling balls that range from High Performance, Mid Performance, and Entry-level balls and has been a top retailer in the bowling ball market for over 30 years. They produce excellent quality products and are also huge supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness!

# Storm Omega Crux

The Storm Omega Crux has a distinctive design with a core that permits your driller to layout your ball without removing the mass. This makes the core perfect to perform at its full potential.

Its asymmetric core combines with the new pearl reactive makes you shine in every single fragment of the lane. With this new technology, this ball can recover from almost any place on the lane.

# Storm Pitch Purple

A Symmetric and capacitor core is perfect for any lane condition. The predictability of this piece makes the pitch purple a fan favorite in all bowling styles.

Outside, it has a urethane coverstock. Perfect for those who are just starting the sport and those who just want to have a good day at the bowling alley. This ball is one of the more manageable in the storm industries.

With this new storm bowling balls, you will feel like you are the king of the game. If you are looking for a ball that will save you from tough conditions, the predictability of Storm Pitch Purple will help you win that crown. And with the new technology of the Storm Omega Crux, you can recover from almost anywhere on the lanes. Recovering from anywhere and claiming that crown.

# Storm Pro-Motion

Through months of testing, the team at Storm has come up with this dynamic symmetrical ball which has many unique characteristics and is a favorite of Jason Belmonte, one of the best players known to the bowling world. This ball has been built to withstand all the tests on time and heavy use on the lanes including the use of oil frequently. It contains a piston core which enables it to corkscrew as it rolls by creating helical arches. Storm Pro-Motion is definitely one of the best new bowling balls on the market and an excellent choice for any bowler, no matter their experience level.

2. New Hammer Bowling Balls

A division of Ebonite International, Hammer bowling balls are mid to high performance and release magnificent new lines of products onto the market regularly. They are built to outlast the lanes and the competition with 3-year warranties on their amazing carbon fiber infused bowling balls.

# Hammer Ruthless

In this ball, you will find a 40 Watt symmetric core, that would give you a solid motion on the lanes. Wrapped around the outside is the solid reactive coverstock. The combination of the core and cover gets you an expected wave on the lanes. The pins will be afraid of you!

# Hammer Web Pearl

This ball has a Symmetric core that performs like a star on medium lane conditions, with ball movements that will keep your opponents guessing your every throw.

The pearl reactive coverstock is aggressive and unique. This ball will make you the most original baller in the bowling alley with its extraordinary moves.

Are you getting ready for some competition show and you want to show what you really got? Take home one of the new hammer bowling balls, and make your competitors suffer. Be aggressive and devastating with the Hammer Web Pearl, or get strong yet predictable with Hammer Ruthless. No matter which one you pick just remember if you need a high-performance ball, then Hammer is your company.

# Hammer Statement Hybrid

If you want to make a statement, the Hammer Statement Hybrid is the ball for you! It packs one hell of a punch with its bottom-heavy core, giving it the ability to hold on to all the energy for as long as possible. Earing itself many excellent reviews in the bowling community, Hammer bowling has once again produced a top-quality bowling ball with the Statement Hybrid. Fans of Hammer bowling and beginners alike would be wise to add a Hammer Statement Hybrid to their collection.

3. New Brunswick Bowling Balls

Contributing majorly to bowling becoming the sport that it is today, Brunswick has also taken a leading role in manufacturing some of the best bowling balls that money can buy. For over 100 years Brunswick has been helping the sport to grow and thrive, and they haven’t skipped a beat when it comes to the manufacturing of their own line of bowling balls.

# Brunswick U-Motion

After months of research, the Brunswick breaks down the perfect urethane motion. The solid urethane coverstock will make you a 100% sure of what you are doing, and will take all the “guess that could work” out of your game with its incredible predictability.

# Brunswick Prism Warp

Take a new speed with Brunswick New Prism Warp.

This is a continuation of the Prism line so that you can expect just the same outcome as its brothers. With the A.C.T. 2, this one is perfect for medium and heavy lane conditions where you will get more length and better continuation.

Presenting an asymmetric core, this ball provides a great hook potential for a lot of style conditions. And if you are a picky color chooser, this ball will dash you in all its three color presentations.

Is it just me, or have you found the one? Elegant, smart, and passionate, are a few of the words that can describe the New Brunswick bowling balls. Choose any of them, and I assure you will not regret having them in your life; they will make you fall in love with the game of bowling.

# Brunswick Hero

Sticking close to the name, the Hero harbors a Contra core, which gives it some seriously heroic motion in the mid-lane as well as the backend and sports a glorious Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl coverstock. This is a ball that has been built to last and comes with the first 4-year warranty the bowling ball industry has ever seen. The thing that makes this Contra core so incredible is its features Durability Optimization Technology, which gives it an unrestricted drill area unlike anything we’ve seen before. In fact, it’s so new that the DOT is still a patent-pending technology. If you want to experience the very latest in epic quality, then let the Brunswick Hero take you for a ride.

4. New Motiv Bowling Balls

Motiv has one of the most dedicated followings of bowlers and owners or bowling alleys in the bowling community who wouldn’t dare of owning or stocking anything but Motive bowling balls. As a company, Motiv has come a long way since the release of the SX1 and TX1 in 2008.

# Motiv Alpha Jackal

Show your opponent, who is the leader of the pack with the Alpha Jackal. Perfect for heavy oil lane conditions, you will become the top wolf in no time, with the strongest Jackal core that exists to date. This ball has a pro performance of ten, which makes it a perfect match for your talents as a baller. If you are looking for perfection, this is the one for you. Once you have an Alpha bowling ball, no one can take you down!

# Motiv Trident Nemesis

The latest addition to the Trident line with a brand new coverstock, the Infusion HV, this Coverstock provides the toughest sharpness on medium-heavy lane conditions.

Inside you have the new Sidewinder asymmetric core, all the energy of the ball unleashes on the pins. This ball will help you get a perfect strike from the get-go and gives you a head start on the game.

You want a reason to stay motivated? Here it is!

With the new Motiv bowling balls, you will find the inspiration that you need to blast that lane and sing victory every time. Which one is your motive to win? Do you want to be the alpha dog with the Motiv Alpha Jackal? Or you want to get innovative with the newest addition to the Trident line, the Motiv Trident Nemesis? Whatever you choose, I assure you, this line will drive you insane with its perfection. These bowling balls are the future of bowling, be part of the revolution.

# Motiv Ripcord

This ball is made with the intention of creating as much of an angle and continuation down the lane and knocking out those pins as possible. Working best with and medium oil, the Ripcord rocks those angles with grace and style. The newest development of the pearl coverstock technology, the Infusion Reactive cover makes the Ripcord move like no other and the Oblivion core is tuned accurately so that it doesn’t flare too little or miss those breakpoints. Adding to the perfect angle, the massive flip block located on the bottom of the core does exactly what it’s meant to do time after time.

5. New Roto Grip Bowling Balls

Redefining the sport of bowling and coming up with new and innovative tactics to improve the play for every level of bowler is something that Roto Grip has been all about since their inception. With the sole purpose of giving players an advantage, Roto Grip is always working on finding a way to help their customers dominate the lanes with precision and style.

# Roto Grip Nuclear Cell

The asymmetric core in this ball has made a comeback, and it’s ready to wipe out all pins for good. This ball has the widest variety in all Roto balls. You can do anything you want with this core; the nucleus core always provides a range of motion on every lane.

With a reactive coverstock of Pearl, this ball is unstable at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will never stop winning.

With a pro performance of 10, this ball is not for newbies or amateurs, only the best of the best. If you are in search of a weapon of massive destruction, you should try the Roto Grip Nuclear Cell.

# Roto Grip UFO

Beam the pins across the multiverse with the Roto Grip UFO.

The new E.T. asymmetric core was shaped with equalizer cavities to create a balanced hole without actually having to drill one into your ball. This new invention will provide with such power and control of the mid lane that your opponents will think you have extraterrestrial powers.

Now you have seen the power of the UFO ball, all you have to do is pick the color of your new ship, make sure you love it because this baby will transport you to victory every match for the rest of your life.

Do you want to be the very best in the entire universe? If the answer is yes, the new roto grip bowling balls are perfect for you. Arm yourself with this unexceptional and unique balls, with a pro performance of ten! These bowling balls will not only destroy your enemy but also will bust your ego to intergalactic measurements; you will feel so good that you never want to stop playing.

# Roto Grip Halo Vision

Utilizing that proven and glorious Centrum core that first made its appearance in the original Halo Roto Grip bowling ball but this time it comes wrapped in a completely different coverstock. The eTrax-H19 Hybrid Reactive Coverstock gives this ball the ability to move around different parts of the lane while also offering a stable oil footprint and also maintaining a great response to friction reaction. Whether the lane conditions are medium and heavy, the Roto Grip Vision Halo is an excellent complement to the original Halo ball in any players bag.

6. New Radical Bowling Balls

When the world demanded better bowling balls, Radical Bowling answered the call valiantly. With the sole objective being to create bowling balls for the geeks of bowling, the physicists who work hard into the inner cores and technical sides of bowling ball performance, and the bowlers who want to get the best for their money.

# Radical Results

The solution for all of your bowling problems is here.

Radical Result developed a new asymmetric core that gives you a more dramatic motion on the lane. Are you having trouble understanding how a ball moves on the lane? This ball is here to clear up all of your questions and give you the results you were waiting for from the beginning of the game.

The exceptional pearl reactive coverstock paired up with asymmetric core, makes this ball so stable and predictable in medium to heavy lane conditions. This bowling ball will bring joy into your life with its simplicity and perfect performance.

# Radical The Closer Pearl

Take a closer pick to your victory with the closer pearl by radical.

With The Ai-39 core, the closer pearl gives you even more distance and a stronger backend motion in the lane than any other ball, making it the perfect partner for the original Closer.

Do you need more motion? The Closer Pearl gives you more length and more pronounced backend motion. The symmetric core is paired with DynamiCore technology delivers impressive hitting power.

Just in time for a Radical turn, the new radical bowling balls came to spice up the game. These balls are just what you need to turn around the game and make it more interesting. The Radical Closer Pearl will get the job done in no time and will give you a head start to sing victory in no time. With all that hitting power and energy, your opponents will never know what hit them. With the Radical Results balls, you will mark so many points that the pins will crumble in the minute that they see you. So what are you waiting for? Take a mayor spin and get radical.

# Radical Conspiracy Hybrid

Armed with the glory of Brunswick’s state-of-the-art outer core technology called DynamiCore, the Radical Conspiracy Hybrid consists of one of the more durable outer materials that can be found on the market that also produces less compression when hitting the lanes and channeling more raw power that is clear in the sound difference and the way it takes out those pins! This ball has a ball motion that holds the hybrid name true with its perfect fit between a solid ball and a pearl. It also uses the same core as the Conspiracy and wrapped in the cover used with the Forged 2 Hybrid.

7. New Ebonite Bowling Balls

The primordial goal of Ebonite bowling balls is to give positive results for everyone involved while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and not just being the most prominent company of bowling.

Having always been a big leader in the bowling ball world, Ebonite has many products on the market and owns several companies that are held in high regard amongst the bowling community. Hammer Bowling, Columbia 300 and Track are just a few worth mentioning. A go-to for many, the extensive line of Ebonite Bowling Balls are crafted to perfection and are just stunning in performance.

This means that Ebonite International will always set new standards of brilliance and improvement. They will continue to grow along with their industry and consistently deliver first-hand accessories, shoes, bags, and balls.

# Ebonite Allure

The Allure is everything you ever loved from Ebonite and more; this ball embodies the unique taste of the company. With its amazing new look, this one will take your breath away.

The Allure symmetric core features appealing specs that will provide you an accurate shoot and a strong continuation to help you in the mid-lane. Rest assured, this ball will make the pins fall every time. With its unique charm, the Allure will conquer your heart in a second.

# Ebonite Omni

Become one with the lanes with the new Ebonite Omni.

The Omni is one of the first new releases from Ebonite since Brunswick Bowling acquired the company.

The new Omni asymmetric core is the new pride and joy of this union. Their core paired with Brunswick’s DynamiCore technology will give you the hitting power and control of any lane in heavy condition. This baby is perfect for those players that are aggressive and passionate about the game, those who are not only here to win but also to stand out from the other players. However, being the best is not only about winning every time, but it is also about showing your value as a player. If there is a ball that reflects a professional player, it’s this one.

Is it quality? What are you looking for? Balls from a company that will take you seriously and will do anything in power to satisfy you? You should look no more because the new ebonite bowling balls are exactly what you need. The Ebonite Allure and the Ebonite Omni are so well thought through and crafted that you will never need or want another ball in your life. If you are a picky type, you should try a ball from ebonite. Their strong sense of leadership, profitability, and stability makes them the perfect company for you.

# Ebonite Futura

Once more we see Ebonite using the GSV-1 Hybrid shell previously used in the Choice, this time, however, paired with a new block weight and that epic symmetrical Futura HD core. The idea for the core came from one series that the brand is very well known for, Game Breaker. It performs at its best when paired with medium-heavy oil that still allows it quite a bit of traction as it soars down the lanes. Increasing the differential from 0.0048” to 0.053” has given the Futura even more flare potential on the track with strong midlane control and an equally strong backend.

8. New Dv8 Bowling Balls

Dv8 has got to have one of the best “manifestos” or About Us page online. They make their bowling balls sound cool, and they are cool. They’re really cool! They look cool, they play cool and generally the players who choose to stock their bags with Dv8 bowling balls are pretty frickin’ cool. They encourage the yelling at a ball because, “shouting at a ball will make it strike more.” And what a great philosophy that is.

# DV8 Intimidator

Do you need a ball that will make your enemies fear for their life?

Become the game intimidator with this new DV8 Ball. Its extraordinary features will get your opponents begging down on their knees. The DV8 Intimidator asymmetric core is different and destructive. Paired up with DynamiCore technology, this ball gives you an insane amount of power and resistance in heavy lane conditions. If you are looking to power up your game, this ball is the upgrade you need.

# DV8 Glam

This ball never gives anyone a second chance. Making a fantastic comeback, the diva core is here once again, showing off all of its attributes and talents in the new DV8 Glam. This time, with more power.

Don’t make any mistakes, this pink/gold ball is a badass, and will take down everyone in just one move. This ball is perfect for medium to dry lane conditions. The DV8 Glam has a pearl reactive coverstock, which makes it so manageable and intuitive that you will become a pro in no time. Perfect for a beginner with unpolished talent and great dedication.

Are you a beginner who is looking to stand out from the others? Although you are just starting, this ball will make you a talent waning to break out and explode all over the lane. The only thing that you need to get that first step is the new dv8 bowling balls. More exactly the new DV8 Glam with that diva core that will turn you to a pro in the blink of an eye. You will have the time of your life and win every time because once you get Glam, there is no one that can make you a loser.

# Dv8 Night Prowler

Now here is a ball that looks as deadly as the name suggests. It comes in a stunning Onyx and Sterling Silver mix which gives it a look going down that lane to make the pins want to get out of the way before it even strikes. The Divergent Core which features DOT as well as DynamiCore gives it the speed and determination it needs to work exactly how you want it to. It’s got a bit more of an angular spin to it due to the N-Forcer SF as opposed to the original Prowler, and it’s got one of the warranties in the bowling world. You are guaranteed to get 4 years out of this ball, and in those four years, you will enjoy everything it has to offer.

The DOT engraving creates a completely unrestricted drill area, and weighing in from 12-16 pounds this is a ball perfect for leagues, tournaments, or just a Friday night out with the gang to have some fun on the lanes.

9. New Track Bowling Balls

Another offshoot of Columbia 3000 industries, which transferred to Ebonite International, Track Bowling balls are made with precision and expertise as well as a dedication to the sport so many players know and love. They don’t just make superior bowling balls; they make bowling balls that will compliment whatever selection you’ve got in your bag. With many different options in weights, coverstock, colors, and cores, there is something for every type of bowler in the vast array of Track bowling balls.

# Track Paradox Red

The i-Core 2.0, recognized for its ability to create a BIG hook on the lanes, is back and ready to produce a huge variety of big moves.

This amazing core combination with the new Prime coverstock makes the Paradox Red the perfect complement for a pro player. This ball will serve you like the winner you are, fulfilling all the strategies you have and getting the job done.

# Track Tactix Hybrid

Before the Tactix Hybrid, the original Tactix was capable of taking those pins out from many different angles regardless of medium to heavy oil patterns and was always a dependable choice for any player. The new Tactix, however, is even more of a proven winner with its Starship core that serves to create the Tactix Hybrid. It gives a player a length that is easy to achieve through the front section of the lanes and was made to incorporate that heavy mid-lane roll as well. It is an asymmetrical ball core which enables it to create a medium mass bias strength and an enhanced direction change.

# Track Heat Lava

Not only does this addition to the Track Heat series look like it just flew out of a pit of lava, but it also plays like one too. This thing is on fire! Best suited for medium oil patterns, the new Modified Tri-Core gives this ball a bit more range and flexibility than many others. It’s got a low differential, which when combined with the medium RG dishes out all kinds of energy from the backend and keeping it consistent every time it makes a sweep down the lanes. The core design is very similar to that of the original Heat, but with a lowered flare potential and a stronger cover.

10. Columbia 300 Bowling Balls

Columbia 300 has got a great name for themselves and are represented by many pro members such as Scott Norton, Tom Hess, and PWBA Clara Guerrero. Owned by Ebonite International, a parent company known for its high quality and very durable bowling balls, we expect to see Columbia 300 remaining hot in the bowling scene for many years to come.

# Columbia 300 Baller

Columbia 300 introduces a new core inside the Baller the Big Time core, an asymmetric core, specially designed to perform extravagant rotations.

Around the outside, the reactive coverstock provides a reliable read in heavier lane conditions. The 300 baller has more moves than any other ball in the Columbia industry.

If you are here to show off your skills as a baller, you should have this new Columbia ball.

# Columbia 300 Chaos Black

This Columbia 300 ball really does spell Chaos for the pins that stand in its way, as well as the competition. With the same coverstock on their high-performance Savage line, it is very aggressive and shells out a very responsive mid-lane reaction that follows through to the breakpoint. Usually, Columbia 300 goes for eye-catching colors and the performance to turn heads, but with this all-black design, it tends to surprise those who weren’t expecting so much from a black ball! Not to mention the HyperSHOCK core that is still patent-pending makes its way through the pocket like a boss.

# Columbia 300 Beast Blue/Black/White

For the love of nostalgia, and a great thing, Columbia 300 has brought back the Beast line with some all-new features, not only the colors. Equipped with an all-new lightbulb fashioned weight block just like the originals, the new core does have a new spin on the old design. Wrapped with the new patent-pending HyperSHOCK technology core, the Columbia 300 Beast is a fantastic Lower-Mid Performance bowling ball that is definitely worth checking out for any lover of bowling, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should you get a new bowling ball?

A. If you take the time to maintain your ball, scuffing and re-polishing the surface after every 30 games or so, you could be able to keep your ball rolling for anywhere between 5 to 10 years! Each ball is different, as is each player and each throw, so, many players find that they prefer to buy a new bowling ball every two or three seasons. Depending on the quality of your bowling ball and personal preference, proper maintenance of your ball will keep in great shape for a longer period of time.

Q. Where to buy new bowling balls?

A. One of the best options if you want to shop for a new bowling ball is online! Not only you can look around for different prices for the value, but you can view far more brands than you might see in one shop if you went to a retailer. In order to decide which ball is right for you, check out our “Bowling ball buying guide

Q. How much does a new bowling ball cost?

A. Buying a new professional bowling ball will usually run you around $150 to upwards of $300 for something that you can enter the major leagues of the sport with, as well as last a long time without any wear and tear. However, there are also great bowling balls that cost much less if you are just a beginner but want to invest in a quality ball to start out with. One major factor in the price of your ball is, of course like anything else, the brand you decided to go for.

Q. What are the things to look for in a new bowling ball?

A. One of the best tips when looking for a new ball is to make sure that the ball is approximately 10% of your body weight, though most pro bowlers tend to go for the 16 pounders. It all really depends on your skill level and bowling preference. Your best bet is to shop around and find a grip you like, a weight you are comfortable with, and the type of ball you prefer.

Q. How much should it cost to drill a new bowling ball?

Having your new ball drilled can cost anywhere between $50-$70 dollars. That is before you have finger inserts installed, thumb slugs or any kind of custom drills.

Q. How will the new USBC rules affect bowling balls?

There have been a number of new specifications being implemented into the bowling community for pro players in tournaments. New oil absorption rules have been set as well as the elimination of balance holes and increased weight allowances. Bowlers now have to be aware of these specifications and will have seven months to plug any balance holes to be in compliance with the new rule coming into effect Aug 1st 2020.

# Wrap Up

Just like with any sport or hobby, each person has different demands, preferences, and tricks that they have honed. It’s not always an easy task to choose a new bowling ball, especially when there are just so many options available from so many companies. All things being said, you really just gotta go by what you like and what feels right to you. Every ball in a line is crafted to perfection and has different qualities to it than the next one. Maybe you’ll find one that has lasted for years and has never let you down so when you go out looking to add another ball to your collection you might want to try to find one just like it, or maybe you’ll want something different. The choice is yours! But know this, variety is the spice of life and it never hurts to expand your repertoire and knowledge of everything the market has to offer you, because trust me, it has a whole lot to offer.

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