How Much a Bowling Ball Weighs [Bowling Ball Weight Guide 2024]

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Bowling balls come in different weights with an average of between 6 and 16 pounds. The average adult male will use a ball that weighs between 14 and 16 pounds with females requiring a ball of between 10 to 14 pounds. It is very important to determine how much a bowling ball weighs to prevent any issues with your back.

How much a bowling ball weighs

The weight of the ball greatly influences the impact it will have on the pins. If you have two balls of different weights the heavier one will hit the pins harder than the lighter one. A heavier ball may also cause injury to the bowler and therefore a balance needs to be maintained when selecting the optimal bowling ball. Having the heaviest bowling ball is not a guarantee that you will hit all the pins. This is because your throwing speed greatly reduces when you are using a heavier ball. When speed is low then the amount of force required to topple the pins greatly reduces.

Shopping bowling ball guide

When selecting the best bowling ball pay careful attention to the finger holes as their size will indicate whether the ball will accommodate the bowler’s weight. When the holes are too large or too small it could mean that the bowling ball weight will either be heavier or lighter; ensure you get the perfect fit.

The bowler’s weight and height also determines the size of the ball that one selects. If you have back problems select a bowling ball that is lightweight.

For children, the generally accepted principle for bowling ball size and weights is to use the child’s age when selecting a ball for them. If a child is 10 years old chose a ball that is 10 pounds and if the child is 12 years select a ball for them that weighs 12 pounds.

According to the bowling ball weight rules the lightest weight available for professional bowlers is 12 pounds. If your child can handle this weight, then it could be time to buy them professional balls.

Some professionals have suggested dividing your body weight by 11 and 2 to get the ideal bowling ball. If you weigh let’s say 110 pounds you divide this number by 11 to get 10 pounds; this would be the ideal ball for you. The mathematical formula is not created in stone as other factors would come into play like material used to make the bowling ball.

Make the best of your throw

A conventional bowling ball consists of a core surrounded by a shell called a coverstock. This can be made of polyester, plastic or resin. The weight of a bowling ball is usually determined by its inner core and while it holds that the heavier a ball is the more impact it makes on the pins, modern improvements on bowling balls have changed that. Modern bowling balls now have a special core that maximizes impact without necessarily increasing the weight of the bowling ball.

When you use materials like urethane or resin they will greatly affect how much a bowling ball weighs. They usually help you strike the pins without adding any extra weight.

Dynamics of a bowling ball

The bowling ball hits the pins at a force that is equal to speed times the mass. The weight of the bowling ball will play a crucial factor in striking more pins but the speed at which you throw the ball is also a key determining factor. A ball weighing 12 pounds traveling at a speed of 16 miles per hour will have a greater impact than a ball weighing 14 pounds but traveling at a speed of 13 miles per hour. The heavier a ball is the more speed you will need to hit the ball; this puts extra strain on yourself to make a good throw. The average speed of most bowling balls is usually 16 miles per hour. Performance enhancing cores greatly reduce the weight of the bowling ball without any decrease in its speed. Modern bowling balls have the reduced the need to know how much a bowling ball weighs as they are greatly enhanced to perform better.

For those thinking of taking bowling to the next level, you can consider having custom made drills for your fingers. This will help to distribute the bowling weight kilograms evenly around your body. Custom made drills come at an extra cost. You can also have bowling balls made according to specific colors or you have your name engraved in them.

Urethane and resin coverstocks are a good match when you are throwing a hook as they grip the lane better than the plastic balls. When selecting the best bowling weight for hook, resin is preferred to urethane as it does not hook too much when it cuts through oil. At the end of the lane it will increase friction and offers back-end to pins; this enhances your strike potential.

Plastic bowling balls are the most common balls you will find in bowling alleys. They are inexpensive and help players throw the ball straight but, they are also less versatile.

Bowling is an excellent game for both you and the family. How much a bowling ball weighs will determine the type of ball that you select. You should check your weight before you purchase a bowling ball as this will influence the type of ball. People who have perennial back pain problems should be extra careful when selecting their bowling balls. With modern improvements we are seeing marketers coming up with lighter balls but which deliver quite the force when you are throwing. You will find bowling bowl weight guides in most of the bowling alleys that your visit.

The right weight is critical if you are to maximize your potential on the game. It also prevents you from getting muscle injuries which can become fatal.

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  1. Sir, I do not mean this in a bad way but you are giving false information on weights of bowling balls, especially to children. A bowling ball is an investment of not only money but to a childs future in the sport, enjoyment and injury. As in the old days of saying weight should be 10% of body weight this is also a bad generalization of age to weight. I have been Coaching for over 45 years drilling for 12 of them and I have come an easy method, get a ball sling, or even a single bag and put a ball in it and watch the bowler’s shoulder, i dont care age or gender, and watch if their shoulder drops the ball is too heavy, keep trying until they do no drop their shoulder.


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