Top 4 Best Medium Oil Bowling Ball Reviews

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All the great bowlers will always tell you that the selection of your bowling ball will make a major difference in how you end up performing. While that statement seems easy to say, the truth remains that making a choice can prove difficult when you don’t know what to look for. The ultimate measure of success in your game will not just lie in your skill level though, as the better your ball is, the easier it is to make strikes.

Best Medium oil bowling ball reviews

In this article, we seek to find out the best bowling balls for medium oil lanes you can get, as well as the criteria to use and make the best decision.

# Best Medium Oil Bowling Ball Comparison Chart

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# Best Bowling Ball for Medium Oil Lanes

(Our Top Picks)

1. DV8 Prowler

This is the ball that defines preying on some pins, thanks to several features that enable it to stand out from the rest – even the pins cannot see it coming.

One of the features is the Divergent core. This s a very important part of the entire ball as it plays a major role in how it moves on the floor. The core itself includes DOT and DynamiCore technology, allowing it to unleash great amounts of hitting power and protect it from scratches, improving its durability.

DV8 Prowler Specifications
Pearl Reactive (N-Forcer Plus)
Core: Divergent
Core Type: Asymmetric
Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad/Crown Factory Compound
RG: 2.491(15# ball)
RG Differential: 0.044(15# ball)
Lane Condition: Best for Medium Oil Lanes.
Pref: High Performance Bowling Ball.

For increasing amounts of bite and greater distance coverage, the core also includes N-Forcer Plus coverstock and the Hitman Enforcer. This combination ensures that the ball glides smoothly towards and through the lane front, as well as reacting on the backend (this is when you use it in heavy or medium lane conditions).

The design is attractive as well and comes in three colors – gold, royal, and bronze. The performance is of the maximum flips, allowing you to use it on lanes with heavy oil as well. The finish is of the Crown Factory Compound, which happens to be among the best bowling ball finishes as it has a very smooth edge. All these factors combined make this a fun ball to bowl with.

What we like

  • It easily allows you to move both inside the lane and on the right zone easily.
  • The finish is very smooth, yet has power in the hits
  • Durable


  • None noted so far

2. Hammer Flawless

According to medium oil bowling ball reviews, never underestimate the power that this bowling ball has. Hammer has been a long time favorite in the bowling ball scene, as they have a long range of great bowling balls that you will enjoy, such as the Hammer Black Widow – and this is no exception.

Hammer Flawless Specifications
Juiced Pearl
Core:40 Watt
Core Type: Symmetrical
Factory Finish: 500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish.
RG: 2.52(15# ball)
RG Differential: 0.041(15# ball)
Lane Condition: Best Bowling Ball for Medium Oil.
Pref: Mid Performance Ball.

The aspect that makes this top medium oil bowling ball stand out in terms of length is the combination of the 40 Watt core and the Juiced Pearl coverstock, giving it a very responsive surface and smooth movement. These, along with the 500/1000 finishing, combine to give it great backend movement and length coverage, even when gliding through medium oil lanes.

In addition, the ball itself has a significant infusion of carbon fiber, which is among the strongest materials on earth and gives this ball its great durability. The gas mask also contains carbon fiber, which ensures the ball crushes through the pins as it makes its way through.

You might not find this very essential to know, but the 40 Watt core has an interesting reason behind it – it takes on the shape of a light bulb, and is differential in the forties.

You will be happy to know that the manufacturer gives a three-year warranty. When using it, expect to have some medium flare potential originating from the core. The colors in the range are white, blue and pink, so you can go with whatever you fancy.

What we like

  • Has an impressive backend
  • Carbon fiber comprises much of the ball, giving it great durability
  • The hook potential is high
  • You can move through the middle of the lane easily, thanks to its very smooth finish.
  • Great as a learning ball
  • Does not bounce off the pins

What we do not like

  • None noted so far

3. Brunswick Fearless

This is among the best balls you can use if you are a beginner in the game of bowling, as it features a better durability level than previous balls in the series, and a smoother movement.

Among the most distinctive features is that it is the first ball in the range of Brunswick bowling balls to extensively feature the DOT system, also known as the Durability Optimization Technology. This involves the adjustment if the pin’s position from the center of the ball to the bottom area, which is not characteristic of other bowling balls. The DOT, which is a small circle, is then engraved on the direct opposite side where the pin lies, and this marking is then use to lay out the ball (instead of the pin, as is the case in many balls).

The advantage is that the holes will be kept away from the riser pin, which enhances durability as the ball is less prone to cracks from hitting the pins.

Brunswick Fearless Specifications
Core: Contra (Featuring DOT)
Cover Type: Solid Reactive
Factory Finish: 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
RG: 2.474 (15# ball)
RG Differential: 0.047(15# ball)
Lane Condition: Ideal for Medium Oil Lanes.
Pref: Upper Mid-Performance Ball.

In addition, you probably have not seen bowling balls that have a warranty longer than three years, but this one outlasts them all on that front – it has a four-year warranty.

Other than the pin changes, there is also the symmetrical core known as Contra and a solid reactive coverstock. The combination of the smoother coverstock and pin placement makes this bowling ball have very smooth gliding movements on the surface, and enhanced durability also protects it from damage due to friction. Although it may not seem like much, the entire package also includes the Brunswick Big B Ball Cleaner, which goes a long way to reduce absorption of oil by the medium oil bowling ball.

What we like

  • Very versatile, and you can play with it in various areas
  • Durable
  • Glides smoothly on the surface
  • Very good balance

What we do not like

  • None noted so far

4. Radical Squatch

If you happen to be familiar with the Yeti bowling balls that were such a hit in the past, then consider this a throwback to them, as they do share numerous features in common. The most distinctive feature is the symmetric core, which was a major feature of the Yeti, although it changes up the coverstock.

Radical Squatch Specifications
Ai-39 Pearl Reactive
Core: Symmetric
Factory Finish: 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish
RG: 2.482(15# ball)
RG Differential: 0.054(15# ball)
Lane Condition: Ideal for Medium Oil Lanes.
Pref: Mid Performance Ball.

The coverstock is of the Ai 39 reactive pearl reactive, which makes the ball highly dynamic in its movements and gives it smooth gliding abilities. The outer cover is also infused with Crown Factory polish and 500 SiaAir. These make it highly aggressive when it reaches the pins, as it gives greater hook than the other symmetrical balls within the Radical range.

Thanks to the box finish, the ball easily =moves through the lane front area and picks up pins quickly as it exits the pattern. All the good bowling balls for medium oil lanes (and heavy oil lanes as well) have this is common, making them move smoothly and pick pins effortlessly.

In addition, the breakpoint has a sharp motion that provides you with an excellent angle through, and allows you to make strikes on a frequent basis.

What we like

  • Great finish and smooth glides on the surface
  • Durable build
  • Great extent of balancing
  • Versatile

What we do not like

  • No cons noted so far

# Things to Know Before Buying

Weight of the ball

The main factor that separates bowling from many other sports is that you need to hold the ball before throwing it – which begs the question; what is a good bowling ball for medium oil lanes that you can use? Regardless of the lane type, one pound of the ball for ten pounds of your body weight, to prevent loss of balance.

Your skill level will also determine the weight you can handle. If you are not sure, stand up and stretch out your hand, then someone should place the ball on your open palm. If it forces you to bend or change posture, then it is too heavy for you.

The coverstock

The surface of the ball is protected by the coverstock, and the individual lane you are playing on will determine the type of coverstock on the ball you choose. The oily lane will need smoother balls, so solid covers will suit this lane very well, and the individual cover will play a major role in determining the hook potential.

The common type you will find in medium oil bowling balls these days is the reactive resin, which are advantageous at increasing your hook. Other covers are plastic (popular with beginners) and urethane (popular with experienced players). When playing on oily lanes, note that reactive resin is the best because it absorbs oil, so it is only useful for oily lanes. The better the hook potential, the better the ball can handle friction.

The pitches

The three holes in the bowling ball are known as the pitches. Their placement and design should be comfortable enough for you, and give you a more secure grip to improve your performance. In addition, they should be of equal size to improve your comfort levels.

Hook potential

The friction that the ball creates on the lane will ultimately determine the hook potential, with resin and urethane covers having a better hook than plastic covers. They will also tend to hit the pins stronger, aside from how you throw the ball itself.

# Safety Tips When Handling Bowling Balls

Ensure you do some warm-up exercise

Before rushing to to pick a bowling ball, make sure you do some warm up exercises. This will help you prevent the infamous cases of ‘torn’ or ‘pulled’ muscles, which are painful and force you to stop.

Never use one hand when handling the ball

A very common mistake many players make is handling the ball with only one hand – in fact, statistics show that seven out of every ten players only use one hand. Remember that the ball is heavy, and it can create straining in your back and hands.

Maintain a slow, relaxed swing

You might be excited that you are participating in the game, but avoid the mistake of putting too much muscle in the swing. Otherwise, you risk throwing the ball carelessly and injuring yourself. Balance the sawing carefully, and position the ball well from the outset. In that light, always select the ball of the correct size to increase the effectiveness of your throws.


What are some of the unspoken rules to follow?

First, you must wear the correct shoes, which ensures the alley is protected and prevents injuries. The second is that if you are going up against another player simultaneously, you must allow the one on the right to bowl first.

How do you release the ball?

As you swing, you should ensure you release the ball beyond the furthest point – otherwise, the ball will fall wonkily. The best way to ensure this is practice correct wrist support.

How do you choose a ball?

As mentioned earlier, the ball should never be too heavy, otherwise, it will create strain on your body. The finger should be in the first hold until it extends to the knuckle, then place the thumb in the other hole.

How do you hold the ball?

The best way is in a cradle position with your free hand, and the thumb should remain upward.

What injuries should you look out for?

These include spraining, and wrist and elbow tendonitis. This is why it is important to do warm-ups before playing.


The Hammer Flawless is our medium oil bowling ball pick, as it allows both experienced and beginner players to operate at their best. It is also very durable thanks to the carbon fiber that makes up most of the material, and the hook is also very impressive.

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