Top 7 Best Bowling Tape Reviews

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Best Bowling Tape Reviews

Bowling should be a fun, hassle-free experience for yourself and your team, without leaving you bruised and sore afterward. The best bowling tape offers you protection while maximizing your release. It should also provide some guidance on how to use bowling tape and how to tape a thumb for maximum efficiency.

Instead of going through the repetitive task of identifying and corroborating bowling tape reviews, you can explore the best bowling tape reviews in one forum. This review aims at helping you find the best one for you.

# Top-rated Bowling Tape Comparison Chart

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# Top 7 Best Bowling Tape Reviews

1. Vise Bowling Tape (Hada Patch Pack ⋕1)

The first of three packs, Vise Hada Patch’s blue tape is designed with the strongest texture for maximum grip.

It is a pre-cut bowling tape for the thumb. This tape is applied to the back of the thumb. It is the thinnest of all the reviewed bowling tapes, measuring about 0.1” in thickness. It will feel as natural as your skin. Once applied, it is comfortable.

This bowling tape will protect your thumb from getting calloused at an efficient rate. If your hands are clean in the pre-application, you may need only to replace it once or twice in the entire game.

For best results with this bowling thumb tape, it is advisable to clean your hands with alcohol wipes to remove any oils and moisture that may affect its ability to stay on.

The tape does not leave any residue and can easily come off when removed with soapy water. You will need to be quick when applying this tape as it can easily stick together. Once stuck, it may be difficult to undo.

Why We Recommend It

  • Pre-cut for efficient application
  • Friendly prices
  • Allows for a clean release continuously
  • Thinnest tape on offer

Other Considerations

  • Can peel off quickly if hands are not properly pre-cleaned.
  • Packaging depending on texture might cause confusion during purchase.
  • Can be difficult to apply.

2. Storm Thunder Bowling Skin Protection Tape

Storm Thunder Tape offers guaranteed protection for your hands with only one piece of tape. It has incredible grip and sticks to your hands even for multiple games. Storm Thunder Tape does not peel off involuntarily at all. When you do peel it off, you’ll be surprised to find no residue.

While Storm Thunder Tape comes in a range of colors, the product is the same quality through and through. This tape can accommodate swelling, and should not need to be removed until all your games are through. It also has pre-cut options for your convenience. For best effect, please ensure that you apply Storm Thunder Tape after cleaning your hands.

Why We Recommend It

  • Protects skin against wear injuries such as bruises and cuts
  • Consistent release
  • Lightweight but thick enough to prevent injury
  • Has a variety of colors, but similar quality and consistency
  • Cut per your liking
  • More flexible than most tapes, which allows better fitting
  • Guarantees long usage if applied properly

Other Considerations

  • Limited to thumb application only
  • Might not prevent the thumb from getting stuck
  • Hard to rip off by hand

3. Bowling Protecting Tape Roll

Bowling Protecting Tape offers protection for your hands from cuts, broken fingers, calluses and other painful detractors to your bowl.

The firm and lightweight tape measure 3” x 3” x 0.9” for a combined length of 16.4 feet. This offers long-term protection against injury to your hands for a long time, which leaves you only worrying about scoring maximum points.

Bowling Protecting Tape is thin with a smooth texture. It is tightly weaved, which ensures that it is compact and effective at acting as a shield to your hands.

This tape guarantees no residue on your hands and is easy to apply and remove. It is adjustable in case of swelling hands, and can progressively be loosened without needing to remove it. As such, it is more effective than other tape options.

It also offers competitive prices which, when coupled with the size advantage, make it a bargain purchase.

Why We Recommend It

  • Efficient in protecting your hands from injury and pain.
  • It can be cut to your desired fit.
  • Price friendly option
  • Can be cut into many pieces, which should last you for a while
  • Enables for a smooth release
  • Is thin and strong even though it can be cut
  • Can adjust for swelling easily

Other Considerations

  • Prone to falling off on sweaty hands
  • Can fray if not cut carefully

4. Turbo Grip Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll

Turbo Grip Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll comes in three colors, each with a different texture. The texture selection helps you to identify one that works best for you.

This Turbo bowling tape has a coarse texture that will give you a firmer grip on your ball. The tape is also thick to ensure that the firmer grip is applied to every bowl.

In case of swelling, the tape can be readjusted to ensure that your hands are protected and comfortable while you bowl.

If applied properly, Turbo Grip Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll, Mint will last for a large number of games. You do not need to worry about changing it as it will not easily fall off. It has a light but effective adhesive that will not result in any residue on your hands.

Why We Recommend It

  • Offers skin protection
  • Offers incredible grip and clean release
  • Consistently adhesive over many games.
  • Can accommodate swelling
  • Does not leave residue on the skin

Other Considerations

  • Limited to thumb and finger protection
  • Can fray if not cut carefully

5. Turbo Grips Quick Release Bowling Thumb Tape

These smooth polyester grip tapes are designed to offer maximum hand protection without lagging you down. It weighs 0.32 ounces, which is joint-lowest amongst the bowling tape brands given. This bowling tape for your thumb will guarantee a smooth game.

They are thin and lightweight, which will boost your quick releases. They have a strong adhesive that leaves no residue on your hands.

If your fingers are prone to swelling during a game, this tape will remove any unnecessary fishing in the thumb hole to remove the leftover tape. It allows for easy removal without reducing your ability to play well. Turbo tape will stay on for far more than one game. However, it is recommended that you wash and dry your hands before applying this tape, as this could affect its efficiency. If your fingers are prone to swelling, you should remember to take it off during the game.

While the Turbo grip is relatively well priced, it does not offer the best value for the market.

Why We Recommend It

  • Thin and lightweight
  • Strong polyester fabric
  • The powerful adhesive that leaves no residue
  • Guarantees improved grip
  • Will stay on your finger for a long time

Other Considerations

  • Lacks in variety
  • Might be inefficient if applied improperly
  • Does not prevent swelling

6. Genesis Excel Performance Bowling Finger Tape

A functional multipurpose tape? You’d better believe it. Genesis Excel Performance Tape can protect your thumb, as well as fill your thumb hole. This tape is miles ahead of its competitors in regards to its versatility. You can have both functions in one neat package. It will improve grip as well as protect you from cuts and calluses.

This Genesis bowling tape is thin and lightweight and is available in five styles. The texture variety on offer allows you to find the perfect fit for your game. The different textures have unique characteristics, with some being able to stretch more than the average tape. This enables you to customize your grip and release correctly.

The tape guarantees no residue despite the increased adhesion. It also uses easy visual displays on the packaging to help you identify your preferred package. The variety might confuse a new customer, and it is recommended that you know the characteristics of the different types of tape before purchasing in order to get the best-suited one for you.

Why We Recommend It

  • Thin and lightweight for maximum performance
  • Leaves no residue
  • Can withstand some amounts of sweat
  • Can be used to fill the thumb hole
  • Guaranteed thumb protection from calluses and swelling
  • Offers texture variety

Other Considerations

  • Packaging depending on texture might cause confusion during purchasing.

7. Monster Bowling Tape

If your bowling ball’s thumb hole is just too big, Monster Bowling Tape might be the right fit for you. The tape is fitted it the ball to reduce its likelihood of slipping.

Monster Bowling Tape is a textured tape that can be inserted into the thumb hole to give you a better grip. It will relax and diversify your game, which will make bowling more fun for you.

It offers two textures of tapes in two different sizes. The textured white tape is rough for a slow release. The smooth black tape offers easier options for a quick release. Monster bowling tape comes in 1” and ¾” measurements to accommodate different sized thumb holes.

You no longer have to exert excessive pressure when gripping your ball. Leave the hard work to Monster bowling tape. It will improve your accuracy as well as reduce fatigue.

Why We Recommend It

  • Has good texture, which enables a firmer grip
  • Uses a strong material
  • Can be re-used if removed carefully
  • Multiple sizes for a better fit
  • Easy to remove from the ball without leaving residue
  • Pocket-friendly prices

Other Considerations

  • Does not protect thumbs from calluses and possible bruises

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# Buying Guide for Choosing a Bowling Tape

Considering the options on the market, finding the best bowling tape can be a little challenging. How do you get the best? Aside from following these bowling tape reviews, you should also consider when planning to buy bowling tape.

Factors to consider when buying bowling tape

What type of bowler’s tape do you need? The tape is designed for your fingers and thumb, as well as for the thumb hole. After identifying your preference in tape, here are the areas you should tick off in your bowling grip tape checklist.

Protection for your hands

Bowling is about having fun. Raw scrapes, cuts, calluses, and blisters are likely to affect your ability to bowl, which will reduce the amount of fun you could have. Bowling tape for your thumb and fingers should protect your hands from blisters, broken nails, and uncomfortable calluses in order to maximize your level of enjoyment.


Does the bowling tape prevent the ball from dropping from your thumb? Is your ball firm in your grasp?

Texture, style, and quality of the fabric

Bowling tape should not leave a sticky residue on your fingers since it can affect performance. The ideal bowling tape should be hassle-free to apply and remove. It should also be strong and light enough not to interfere with your bowl.

What material is the tape made of? What style do you feel is best for you? Finding your favorite could help improve the appeal of bowling for you.

Consistency of release

Do you feel that your release is hindered? If you are not able to bowl perfectly, bowler’s tape might be the key to helping you get this side of your game sorted out. A good bowling tape should respond to your release regardless of the technique you use.


Your bowling gear shouldn’t put you out of the budget. The best bowling tape will offer cost-effective options that are stylish, easy to apply, of high quality and that protect your hands.

You should also be able to use the options more than just once as this will reduce the need to replace the tape.

Ease of application

Good bowling tape should be easy to put on as well as take off. You should consider this to reduce the likelihood of taking up too much time accessorizing instead of bowling. It should offer guidance on how to apply bowling thumb tape for easier use.

# Final word

Bowling grip tape can be the difference between enjoying the game and an early night in. It should offer protection for your hands without reducing the quality of your game or resulting in a sticky residue. You do not need to try all available options to find a perfect bowling tape for the thumb hole, thumb or fingers.

Following this checklist, finding options within your budget and following the top rated bowling tape reviews will help you to determine the best bowling tape for you. The optimized performance and sense of protection will help you enjoy bowling without any concerns.

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  1. I insert the tape in my thumb hole. After a few games I notice the glue softens and starts sliding out. Which tape has the strongest glue to keep it from moving?

    I would even consider a non-bowling tape, such as a Gorilla Glue Tape if it would help. But would prefer a pre-cut bowling tape with a strongest hold.

    • Almost none of these tapes are meant for inserting in the ball, but are designed to be worn on the hand. There are different tapes that go on the ball, typically either white textured, or black smooth. The tapes above are meant to protect your skin, and allow for fine tuning fit when your hand may swell during play, requiring frequent adjustments.


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