Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

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Are you new to bowling and are looking for the best bowling ball to give you a high performance? This bowling ball is here to make your bowling experience an unforgettable one. Take a look at Brunswick rhino bowling ball review.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review


Bowling can be a tricky affair if you don’t have the right ball to get you started. Most people assume that since it is advertised as an entry-level ball, it does not perform well. This assumption is incorrect since the bowling ball performs better than some of the most expensive balls in the market.

It works like the symmetric bowling balls since it is versatile and can teach you the bowling basics. It is a powerful bowling ball which puts you in control of the game. Do not underestimate its hooking ability since this hooks better than expected. The rhino bowling ball hook is smooth and easy to control. It is ideal for shorter patterns compared to long ones.

It is a powerful tool to navigate tough patterns. The ball works well when you are looking to clear the fronts without putting a lot of pressure on the backend. The ball moves down the bowling alley smoothly and hits the pins hard to help you score. It is ideal for both light and medium house shots. It moves straight and goes as directed as long as you line it up right.

Beneficial features:

A strong cover and core

These two features are responsible for the smooth movement of the rhino bowling ball along the lane without any challenges. They are the reason why the ball works well on both oil and dry lane conditions since they reduce the sensitivity of the ball. When it approaches the dry lane at the exit area, it turns left without bouncing to give you a heavy arc that is smooth. The smooth arcing roll allows you to send it wide without worrying about it jumping through the nose.

It is equipped with a light bulb core design and a reactive coverstock. The light bulb shape of the core enhances the movement of the ball by giving it an excellent pin action. This increases your odds of scoring and helps you enjoy making more strikes. The coverstock is the material which covers the ball. It is made using a superior coverstock which increases its durability. It also absorbs oil easily making is friendly on oil lane conditions. The bowling ball handles friction well to increase the hook potential. The R-16 formula provides you with a perfect length as well as a back-end hook motion. It allows you to aim well and reduces the chances of the ball wandering off the course. The cover design is different from other bowling balls making it a unique piece. The material used to make this bowling ball is somehow similar to that of Brunswick rhino urethane balls since it is long-lasting and stable.

Diverse Color themes

You can get it in different themes such as black pearl, silver or blue. Ladies can also enjoy the rhino bowling ball pink while gents can choose a black rhino bowling ball. This makes it versatile since you can pick the ball in your favorite color.

Low differential

The manufactures of Brunswick bowling balls use a low differential to make them. This prevents the balls from overacting on dry lanes. It can remain steadily on the lane for long since friction does not affect it quickly. You will love the way this bowling ball moves down the lane and into the pocket. The differential rating also allows your bowling ball to hook well at the end of your lane.

Moderate Weight

Your bowling ball weighs about 15lbs making it not too light nor too heavy. The weight prevents it from bouncing as it moves along the lane. It has a lot of continuation and performs well at different speeds. It is you to decide whether to bowl it at a high or low speed. The weight does not interfere with its movement. If you go through Brunswick rhino bowling ball reviews, you will find most users praising the backend curve.

The weight also makes it more powerful compared to other light balls. It balances well when you hold it so that you can throw it without changing your posture. It gives you a powerful release to enable it to travel across the lane with power for it to hit the pins hard. The weight also gives you a ball reaction that is more consistent than using other bowling balls.


If you purchase the blue rhino bowling ball, you will notice some holes in it. These are referred to as the pitch. They are present to give your ball a secure grip as it moves to boost its performance. They also increase the comfort of use since they are of the same size.

It is user-friendly

Though this bowling ball is suitable for beginners, you can also use it if you are a seasoned bowler. It is easy to use and lets you enjoy your game.

Things we liked

  • Has a lot of hitting potential
  • Provides a strong motion and reaction on dry lanes
  • It does not overreact on different areas of the lane.
  • It is versatile providing room for different speeds.
  • It does not need a lot of skill.

​Things we didn’t like

  • The hooking is not consistent
  • It is not very durable


If you are teaching yourself how to hook bowling balls, choose this type. With practice, you can play like a professional even when you lack advanced skills in bowling. Go through Brunswick rhino bowling ball reviews to get more information from people who have tried using the ball before. They all agree that you cannot go wrong with this bowling ball.

At a low price-point, you get a bowling ball that not only works great but also looks fine. We like the finishing done on the Brunswick rhino green bowling ball since it gives it a royal shine. You can, therefore, start bowling in style and make yourself a pro within a short time. You can learn more about it from here.

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I'm Jeffrey D. Tillman a Blogger born and raised in North Carolina. Enjoying bowling in leisure time is definitely a good habit that I have kept since 2010. With that experience, I hope you will find some interesting stuff about bowling on this website.

2 thoughts on “Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Hello Jeff, I throw a major hook ball myself and my league partner believes this could be a ball for me when the lanes start drying out and my other agressive resin balls over hook. Have you thrown this ball on dry conditions and how is it’s reaction to the pocket. How would a pin up drilling compare to a pin down with this ball. Give you an idea what I throw: hyper cell, idel pearl, conspiracy theory, inception dct. Thank you for any feed back you may have….Robert fisch [email protected]

  2. I am a 72 year old still with good upper body strength. I started league bowling at about 12 years old, and after three years I had high game, average, and series (656). Then I started paying more attention to competing in baseball, basketball, and eventually college football. So I am more or less starting over, having difficulty bowling more than about a 135 average. I have a year old Rhino (black), 15 pounds, and with a conventional grip. The lanes where I bowl have a basic pyramid, or triangular pattern. My major problem is that I can’t seem to get the ball to hook much at all. I just want enough hook at the end to get into the pocket at good angle. I don’t remember how much I tried to hook my bowl when I was a good bowler, 57 years ago. I used a 16 pound Brunswick Black Beauty, and I approached with four steps right in the middle of the lane and was fairly consistent hitting the pocket, but my best action came from Brooklyn side hits. I seem to bowl more accurately when trying to make spares like the 5-7 or 5-10. But the basic problem is getting the ball to hook at all, regardless of what approach or angle I use to try to consistently hit the pocket. I have tried using advice from youtube and a book by Wideman. All the info sounds good in theory,
    but not in practice. I can keep the ball straight for spares, but I still feel like I can’t
    find a way to consistently hit the 1-3 pocket. I get close often enough, but can’t find a way to consistently hit the pocket. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Ron Drogy
    Peterborough, NH


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